Decision boundary plot

I was recently asked by a colleague about how I generated the decision boundary plots that are displayed in these two papers: Püschel Thomas A., Marcé-Nogué Jordi, Gladman Justin T.


Contact: Email: Web: Yesterday I received an email asking me how did I generate the 3D plots displayed in this preprint so I decided to share the process in this post.

S4. Landmark and semi-landmarks used in 'Characterizing the body morphology of the first metacarpal in the Homininae using 3D geometric morphometrics'

Paper authors: Jonathan Morley, Ana Bucchi, Carlos Lorenzo, Thomas A. Püschel Link to preprint Corresponding author: Thomas A. Püschel Contact: Email: thomas.

Intervals' method tutorial

Tutorial: How to use R to analyse data from FEA using the intervals’ method We have developed a new method, named the intervals’ method, to analyse data from finite element models in a comparative multivariate framework.

Intervals' method tutorial Part2

Tutorial: How to use R to analyse data from FEA using the intervals’ method Part2: Convergence procedure to estimate an appropiate number of intervals This script corresponds to the convergence procedure used to estimate an appropiate number of interval variables.

Collecting data in Nairobi

Whilst the field season may be over, work on the Gorongosa fossil collection continues. I have been working on photogrammetry for many of the Gorongosa fossils and building 3D models of them. I recently spent several weeks at the Nairobi National Museum in Kenya studying comparative collections and scanning material for comparison.