¿Desde cuándo somos Homo sapiens?

Image credit: Municipalidad de Cerro Navia


On 30th November 2021, my brother and I will talk about palaeontology and palaeanthropology with the Cerro Navia community, Chile. You can follow Cerro Navia’s Facebook page and view the video stream of our talk here [in Spanish].

Oct 30, 2021 12:00 PM
Cerro Navia, Santiago de Chile,
Thomas A. Püschel
Thomas A. Püschel
Postdoctoral researcher

I am a palaeoprimatologist and vertebrate palaeobiologist mainly focused on human, primate and mammalian evolution. My main interest is to study organismal evolution by reconstructing and comparing the palaeobiology of fossils to their living ecological relatives. In order to do this, I apply a combination of 3D morphometrics, virtual biomechanical techniques, computational simulations, statistical modelling, phylogenetic comparative methods, and fieldwork. I have recently joined the Venditti group, University of Reading, within the framework of the Leverhulme project ‘The evolutionary and biogeographical routes to hominin diversity’. I am also a research affiliate at the Institute of Human Sciences, University of Oxford, where I work together with the Paleo-Primate Project Gorongosa, Mozambique.