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De árboles y homininos

Speaker at FACSO's Seminar series

Modularity of the wrist in extant hominines

modularity, trait covariation, wrist, hominines

Reply to Modelling hominin evolution requires accurate hominin data

hominins, phylogenetics, encephalization, body mass, Total Evidence dating

Decision boundary plot

I was recently asked by a colleague about how I generated the decision boundary plots that are displayed in these two papers: Püschel Thomas A., Marcé-Nogué Jordi, Gladman Justin T.

Convex hull estimation of mammalian body segment parameters

body segment parameters, Mammalia, biomechanics, convex hulls, multibody dynamic analysis

Divergence-time estimates for hominins provide insight into encephalization and body mass trends in human evolution

hominins, phylogenetics, encephalization, body mass, Total Evidence dating

Primate evolutionary morphology Assessing ecomorphological questions in extant and extinct anthropoids

Talk at the Oxford Palaeoclub about how to assess ecomorphological questions using the virtual morpho-functional toolkit

Paleontología virtual un conjunto de herramientas emergente para análisis morfo-funcionales en contextos evolutivos

Plenary speaker at the XIII Jornada Chilena de Anatomía

New morpho-functional tools

One of my long-standing aims is to understand the relationship between form and ecological function. In order to do this, some colleagues and I are currently developing new methods and approaches in comparative functional morphology to contribute towards this effort.

Getting Its Feet on the Ground Elucidating *Paralouatta*’s Semi-Terrestriality Using the Virtual Morpho-Functional Toolbox

platyrrhine, semi-terrestriality, machine-learning, geometric morphometrics, finite element analysis,Paralouatta, talus