Drosophila Wing Integration and Modularity A Multi-Level Approach to Understand the History of Morphological Structures

geometric morphometrics, static integration, developmental integration, evolutionary integration, Drosophila, fluctuating asymmetry

Modularity of the Wrist in Extant Hominids

modularity, trait covariation, wrist, hominids

Morphological consequences of artificial cranial deformation Modularity and integration

Artificial deformed skulls, modularity, integration, morphometrics

Modelling Shape Variance Geometric Morphometric Applications in Evolutionary Biology

Geometric morphometrics; Evolutionary biology; Integration; Modularity; Fluctuating asymmetry; Sexual dimorphism

Morphological integration and modularity in *Diabrotica virgifera virgifera* LeConte (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae) hind wings

Wing shape, Centroid size, Morphological integration, Modularity, Diabrotica

Modularity and Morphological Integration in Human Skulls a Geometric Morphometric Approach

Modularity, Morphological Integration, Geometric Morphometrics